Hidden Marketing Messages Appealing to Your Inner Wine Snob


Wine marketing language and real estate descriptions have one thing in common: code words. Home hunters know how to interpret  a “charming, quaint and well-maintained” home as out of date, tiny, with original appliances in real estate language.

But when it comes to wine, subtle code words and phrases are less well-known and ever-changing. Our study at www.bestonlinewineshopping.com of recent press releases and announcements from major wineries working on brand building or re-branding turned up 6 key points. And these 6 appeal to the hidden snob in all of us.

  1. A “luxury brand” with a suggested retail price over $300.
  2. Limited production of only 2,400 cases makes it “out of reach for most consumers.”
  3. The parent company has been growing its “high-end segment.”
  4. Customers are “trading up.”
  5. The “tiny production is at the discretion of the winemaker,” and add the winemaker’s name.
  6. Sales of “fine wines” are increasing.

So if you fall for high-priced, limited production wines from high-end, luxury brands that others cannot find or afford, and you know the winemaker’s name, then enjoy your “fine wine” because you are a…five-star wine snob.

Make that 6-star.

p.s.Dont forget to say “fine wines” with your best British accent.

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