And the Award for the Most Creative and Unusual Holiday Wine Selection Goes To:  

For this remarkable discovery:



Nobody can top that!

This choice makes the over-priced cult wannabes offered by all other sites seem so lame.

We singled out as the site to watch.

Trying to be humble, but Love it when I’m right!


Last Minute Gift Ideas to Wow the True Wine Connoisseur


Yes, people into wine are almost impossible to shop for because you, a normal person,  don’t have all that much time and inclination to devote to wine.

But if the wine person in your life truly appreciates fine wine and is not one of those nouveau snobs seeking out high-priced, faux-cult wines for bragging rights, then this buying tip is for you.

One online wine site I follow regularly comes up with spectacular, out of the ordinary choices, wines that are excellent but not your mainstream wines. Wines that hit the WOW factor and will have people asking,”where did you find that?”

Interested? Then

Check out:

On December 15, it offered:

2014 CLOS DU MOULIN AUX MOINES, SAINT-ROMAIN, Cote de Beaune. This is a super red Burgundy from an unusual, make that esoteric place. Authentic, fabulous French Burgundy.

Another unusual wine offered earlier the week was the 2004 Morgon Domaine Calot, Vieilles Vignes

A wonderful Morgon like this at 15 years old would surprise and delight even the most jaded wine lover.

I also appreciate the fact that sommselect provides a ton of background information while avoiding the hype and silly comments found on most wine websites.

For instance, here’s what they say about that 2004 Morgon:

“We were shocked when they revealed this small stash of 2004, even more so when they told us why they were holding it back—because of sediment! They didn’t think customers and restaurants would want it! Well, we checked a bottle overseas and one more when it arrived at our warehouse. It’s exactly where any 15-year-old, unfined, unfiltered Burgundy would be! To avoid the little that is there, stand the bottle upright 24 hours prior to opening and then carefully decant (stopping when you see the “smoke,” or wisps of sediment) for about 15 minutes before serving at 60 degrees in Burgundy stems.”

“It has entered its peak drinking window but still has lots to offer over the next several years.”

Finally, these two examples and most wines from are reasonably priced. Reasonable to me means under $100 a bottle. Way under.

The Morgon is $30 a bottle with free shipping on 4.

So while others looking for great wines to buy are frantically going over lists and trying to make sense out of vintages and point scores, relax, go to and then buy something for yourself.

Martha Serves Up A Great Wine Deal

Yes, we are talking about THE Martha Stewart.

Working with a major online wine company named the wine insiders, the offer is the “Martha Stewart Collection.”

Dont go to her site, for this offer:

Go to

Six bottles for $29.99 or $4.99 a bottle, with free shipping.

You can order 6 reds, or 6 whites, or a mix of  3 and 3.

I am familiar with wine insiders and the company is reputable and the wines are not bad at all for the $4.99 price. Most of its other wines are much more expensive.

My suggestion:

Go with the mix of red and whites..

Or if you like Chardonnay, go with the whites which include a very good Chardonnay

Other info:

No further obligations, no commitments

Free gift of a corkscrew

Reality Check:

Are they hand-selected, artisan wines rated 93 points made by real wineries: do you believe in Santa?

Did Martha taste her way through hundreds of wines to select these 12 offered: probably NOT, but she may have tasted the 12 finalists.

Are the wines medal winners? Yes, but that means very, very little these days.

But at $4.99 a bottle they pair well with a little baloney.

I’m sure Martha also has a Baloney Collection.