Martha Serves Up A Great Wine Deal

Yes, we are talking about THE Martha Stewart.

Working with a major online wine company named the wine insiders, the offer is the “Martha Stewart Collection.”

Dont go to her site, for this offer:

Go to

Six bottles for $29.99 or $4.99 a bottle, with free shipping.

You can order 6 reds, or 6 whites, or a mix of  3 and 3.

I am familiar with wine insiders and the company is reputable and the wines are not bad at all for the $4.99 price. Most of its other wines are much more expensive.

My suggestion:

Go with the mix of red and whites..

Or if you like Chardonnay, go with the whites which include a very good Chardonnay

Other info:

No further obligations, no commitments

Free gift of a corkscrew

Reality Check:

Are they hand-selected, artisan wines rated 93 points made by real wineries: do you believe in Santa?

Did Martha taste her way through hundreds of wines to select these 12 offered: probably NOT, but she may have tasted the 12 finalists.

Are the wines medal winners? Yes, but that means very, very little these days.

But at $4.99 a bottle they pair well with a little baloney.

I’m sure Martha also has a Baloney Collection.


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