Introducing Vinosity


Happy to say I’ve joined the team of writers for a new online wine magazine, “Vinosity.”

When asked, I didn’t hesitate, odd for somewhat usually over-thinking everything.

So what is Vinosity?  

Well, first, it is part of a book publishing website named “L’Academie du Vin Library” which Is based in the UK. 

Secondly, behind both is Steven Spurrier, the British writer who I got to know  when we both had columns in Decanter Magazine.  Mine ran for 15 years or so; his continues to this day.

Wine drinkers under 40 likely never heard of him.

Those over 40 should know him as the wine merchant who came up with that crazy idea of having French wine experts compare  big-named French wines against some California Cabernets and Chardonnay as part of the Bicentennial in 1976.

That event is known as the “Judgment of Paris.” Google it!

Will the Library and Vinosity prove to be Spurrier 2.0, another shock wave to change the way people think of wine?

Probably not…then again, who knows.

The major premise laid out in a recent interview is this:

“The books that taught me about wine were as much about places and people as they were about the wines themselves, and those were the stories that stuck in my mind.” 

People and places, not points, prices and  hype.

Stories, not lengthy tasting notes.

And Spurrier notes there definitely is an audience today among those who want to learn more about the pleasures of wine:

“More people are taking up the serious study of wine than ever before, especially in the US and Asia. The WSET alone has more than 100,000 students worldwide in any one year, and there are record numbers of people studying for their Master of Wine/Master Sommelier exams.”

So to make it clear that these programs are more forward-looking than retro, he

explains a little more about Vinosity:

“Vinosity – which is a kind of ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ for wine lovers  – is really close to my heart. Every month we get people who really know what they’re talking about to report in from around the world on what’s uppermost in their minds. Anything from sustainability, to quotas, to the emergence of a new grape variety.

Many of these people are friends of mine, and have absolutely no agenda other than to tell it like it is, so to speak. But we’re also hoping that Vinosity will become a platform for a new generation of wine writing talent,…”

To this veteran wine writer, a platform for a new generation is a pretty cool concept. We need to get people talking about wine again as part of a shared community of wine thinkers, not ratings-lovers and label drinkers.

Read the full interview at:

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