Super Pre-Christmas Wine Sale

Going into the weekend before Christmas,  we checked out the deals from  all major websites and came up with a clear winner:

Billing the sale as “Red Friday,” offered  5 deeply discounted red wines.

And came up with these 4 winners:

  • 2014 HW Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi $12.47
  • 2017 Syrah Cowan Cellers, Bennett Valley $12.47
  • 2016 Chateau Violette, Moulis en Medoc, $19.47
  • 2015 Belle Fiore Red Blend (Cabernet, Malbec, Merlot), Rogue Valley, $12.47

Shipping is free on orders over $149.00

These four first-rate wines are offered at 40-50% off.

We know them well.

The only odd thing is the recurring “47” cents in all prices.

Read the detailed review ofwineexpress at



Two Day Holiday Mega Marathon starts December 12


at www.

This two-day marathon promises to be excellent for bargain hunters.  These folks usually offer wines 50% below full price, but sometimes are closer to 70%. is a highly-rated, reliable site rated in my top 5 online wine sites.

This is a flash-sale. Starts at 9:00 West Coast time. NSFW.

To hear more about flash sales and to mentally prepare yourself for this marathon, see my detailed review at

Remember I’m not an affiliate out for easy, sleazy commissions. Or any kick-back deal.

And I’ll be following it for sure, looking for Rhone and Bordeaux wines along with Napa Cabs and Pinots from CA. Also, Zinfandels from Sonoma.

But there is one important point that you should be aware of:  the wines wont be delivered until after the New Year.

If that’s okay with you,

Here’s the pitch:

 “In addition to hoarding small batches of killer wines for the past 6 months, we just received a container from Europe with a mind-bending amount of great bottles. The madness truly does get bigger and better every year — we promise. Oh, and Happy Holidays.”


And this: “We will require several weeks to stage and coordinate all the shipping (begins January 6th)”

But hey, after the holidays, who among us will not need to replenish our wine cellar?


Go Big on Cyber Mega Magnum Monday is one of the very few e-commerce sites offering magnums for sale every so often.

And tomorrow, it goes all out with nothing but magnums. And a few double magnums.

Big bottles for big occasions!

Wines to look for are 2016 and 2016 Bordeaux ( St. Emilion, Côtes de Bordeaux, and Medoc) and wines from the Southern Rhone.

Also some killer Spanish reds.

Maybe a Champagne or two will be offered.

If so, Champagne, the real bubbly made in Champagne, develops more complex flavors and richer texture when fermented in a magnum or bigger bottle. Honest!

WTSO has been coming up with top notch California wines lately.  Keep an eye out for Caymus Cabernet and wines from Cuvaison, Cornerstone, Maroon, Saintsbury, Blackbird, and Encantado.

For a detailed review of WTSO, go to

The Essential Facts:

Date & Time: Monday, December 2, 2019 8am-8pm EST (12 hours)

Bottles: A variety of red, white, and sparkling large-format bottles between 1.5L and 3L

Deal: 10-15 new bottles every hour for 12 hours — all bottles available on the home page. No other shopping options will be available on Marathon day.

Shipping Details: FREE shipping with all orders, no minimum required. Orders placed at different points in the day are able to be combined and shipped together. All orders ship Monday, Dec. 9

Free shipping on magnums is a big deal!

And, yes, wines age slower in magnums.

And, as mentioned, Champagne taste better…if you believe in science.



The New #1 Wine Website

Wines Til Sold Out or was one of the first and has made so many recent improvements that it has broken away from the pack and has emerged as a leader in this fast-paced, competitive world of online wine selling.

Over its 13 year history, has experienced a few ups and downs, and I have been critical at times.

But as one of the oldest wine websites, it just may be the #1 place to buy wines online today.

It has matured and is now more than a flash sale.

Here are 3 top deals featured this week that won me over:

2016 Torii Mor Pinot Noir Reserve Selection, Willamette Valley, $14.99

with free shipping on 4.

2016 La Croix Saint-Christophe, St. Emilion, $19.99

2016 Faite Pinot Noir Paraiso Springs, Santa Lucia Highlands $14.99

These two Pinots are excellent values from super producers and vintages.

Tasted side by side, they display the best features of each appellation.

But the Torii Mor Pinot is an absolute killer deal!

The Grand Cru St. Emilion which is Merlot and Cabernet Franc is one of my favs in an extra-special vintage. Oh yeah, famed consultant Michell Rolland also blessed it. Did I mention the price is 70% below retail?

Also, fyi–the 2016 Encantado Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville offered by at $24.99 is made by Pine Ridge which sells an Oakville Cab for $100 a pop.

Learn more at




4th of July Wine Sales: The Wrap Up

4th of July wine sales were pretty much a dud with over-hyped items being paraded out but with nothing much worth celebrating until….

Along came pitching over 200 wines at 30% off or more.

This is my kind of sale.

Sure, some familiar supermarket wines like Dark Horse were in the pack. But

Overall, the list contains a number of great deals on wines not often seen online.

These caught my eye:

2018 Sobon Estate, Amador Rose, $9.99

2018 Cline, Ancient Vines Mourvedre, $9.99

2016 Panther Creek Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley $15.99

2014 Marques de Murrieta, Rioja Reserva, $19.99

2014 Sanctuary Pinot Noir, Bien Nacido Vineyards, $24.99

Check out the entire list for yourself. There were several other good Pinot Noirs, Riojas and other wines from Willamette Valley.

Those not on a budget could go big with the 2014 Justin Savant, at half-price,$59.99

This site also worked hard over the long weekend. 

A great find was this gem:

2017 Pinot Noir from Big Table Farm. The price is $45 a bottle.

Best deal: 2017 Far Niente Chardonnay, $50

Also offers the 2017 Big Farm Table Pinot for $44.97

The best price for the 2015 Robert Mondavi To Kalon Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, $134.95

The one wine that stood out to me over the weekend:

2018 Sancerre, Jean-Paul Picard, $16.99 

First Great Memorial Weekend Wine Deal


The first of many we hope, is a super white wine and a total no-brainer:

2014 Acacia Winery Lake Chardonnay, Carneros  $9.96

Offered by

Acacia’s Winery Lake Chardonnay has been a longtime favorite of those preferring real Chardonnay over the over-oak, manufactured style.  

The story here is that Treasury Wine Estates bought Acacia along with others in 2016. It sold the winery, and now operates Acacia as a brand.

I’m guessing the marketing guys assume this 2014 is getting old and they want to get rid of the inventory.

I’m also guessing they are totally wrong.

This Chardonnay was originally offered in the $30-$35 price range.

It is sad to see a once great name like Acacia heading off into the corporate world.

But, hey, why not take advantage of the corporate thinking and experience what made Acacia famous.

You cant beat the price. has been checked out and it is upfront and delivers. It was the first to offer Wind Gap wines at deep discounts.

Mind the Gap: Wine Marketing 101

Selling Wines Online: Two Different Approaches

Wines under the Wind Gap label are being unloaded. offered several a few weeks ago, and today, two websites offered a Wind Gap wine at $15 a bottle.

As we start the New Year, which would you buy based on the website’s offer?

Here are your choices:

  1. Buy a wine associated with a guy in prison for fraud who claimed to be rich, spent lots of money, not always his own and also made by an excellent winemaker. And it was “millions” of dollars. And you are led to believe he, the guy in prison, spent tons of money on the wine.
  2. Buy a wine described in bright, uplifting terms made by an excellent winemaker.

#1 A Wind Gap Pinot Noir as offered by

“What you are about to read may be the most significant cloak and dagger event in the wine industry ever!

June 27th, 2017 Wine Industry Tycoon Charles Banks was sentenced to 4 years in prison for fraud after excessively overspending to craft the best wines in the world.

The Players:

Charles Banks – His Resume:

✔️Screaming Eagle / Jonata: former co-owner / co-founder

✔️Managing Partner: Terroir Capital – $200 million in winery assets (including Wind Gap)

✔️Defrauds two NBA stars out of millions: (somewhere around $22 million)

Pax Mahle – The Winemaker:

✔️100 point superstar – founder of Pax Cellars and Wind Gap

✔️Possibly more 94-100 point scores than Heidi Barrett and Philippe Melka combined”


#2 A Wind Gap Syrah offered by

“BIG, bold, in your face Syrah from none other than Pax Mahle (yes, the guy who just scored 100 points for his $50 Sonoma Hillside bottling under the Pax label) that is made in a drink-me-now-with-gusto style. Bright, perfumey and juicy, this isn’t real heavy or meaty at all, just a warm, friendly, lovely, MIND-BLOWING DEAL if we have EVER seen one. Pax and his wines are all the buzz these days, so it’s particularly thrilling for us to have a little (little!) parcel to sell. PLEASE don’t miss! WILL sell out in the blink of an eye!

(oh, and Happy New Year, also, please hurry on this as Pax Mahle’s Wind Gap is more popular than a roomful of newborn kitty cats and we don’t have very much)”


So please cast a vote.

Shameless or frivolous?


Two Best Bets for Cyber Wine Deals


Two wine sellers broke out of the gates quickly on Cyber Monday.

Probably no coincidence that both learned on the job and fine-tuned their skills with Flash Sales.

Opening today with a magnum of Bernardus Santa Lucia Pinot Noir for $34, plans to focus its Cyber Monday run on magnums.

Magnums? Sounds like they planned ahead,

Look for more good to great deals on magnums, the perfect size for entertaining over the holidays.

Also eyes should be on another favorite,  It out-performed right through to late Sunday with a terrific deals on a 2013 Barolo. And this website was a thing of beauty to watch over Black Friday.

These are the two best bets.

Most other sites are trotting out old and tired nags and trying to disguise them as last-minute deals.

70% off a loser? No thanks

Last chance?  Right, until next time.

Wine Sale Alert

Best Fall Sale this Week

With free shipping on select wines is one to check out.

Act fast because a few sold out within hours.

Still available is an excellent Chardonnay: 2014 Cuvaison Estate Carneros, $15.99

And an excellent red: 2014 Chateau Hoyot Reserve Cotes de Bordeaux, $13.99

Another super Chardonnay with free shipping on 4: 2014 Iron Horse Estate Chardonnay, $16.99

Learn more about wtso at