Online wine sales are growing as more and more people, especially millennials, become more and more comfortable in hitting the “buy” button.  It is definitely more convenient to have wines delivered to your home or business, and shipping costs are no longer prohibitive as they were not too long ago. It is now legal to ship wines to 43 states and these states represent about 90% of the wine market.

So why is a guide to online sales necessary?  First of all, while online sellers expand the choices significantly, the sheer number of wines available can be mind-numbing. Several sites list over 10,000 wines ranging in price from $1.99 to $9,000 a bottle. And secondly, the number of online wine sellers is also increasing as newcomers think they have a unique concept or some special area of expertise.

But the main reason for this guide is the difference between buying shoes on Zappos and Chardonnay on wineshopper.com: you can return the shoes because they dont fit or because you dont like them.  Wine is different.

Websites will drag out every sales pitch in the world in order to sell you their wines and possibly get you to become a member. And many of them rely on the same old wine critics and so-called objective scores to aid their pitch. A few are turning to up and coming sommeliers to rate the wine up for sale. But the point is they want to clinch the deal.

And, of course, not every wine offered is as good as it’s described. Beneath the hype, quite a few retailers are unloading wines that are over the hill or in poor condition. Some sites seem to be shilling for wineries or disributors who need to dump a few cases and move on to the next vintage.

My new website, http://www.bestonlinewineshopping.com will help you explore and  evaluate the newly emerging sector of online selling. The goal is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the major players and by so doing to help consumers discover a web retailer or two that meets their needs.

Online wine selling is all new stuff, and the battle is underway for your dollar and a piece of the e-commerce pie. It is also a fast-moving world as these sites frequently change their focus as they try to find a secure niche in the market that they can best fil.

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